Vanua’aku Party calls for immediate review of Citizenship Program 

VP President Bob Loughman. Photo: File

The Vanua’aku Party (VP) has expressed concern over the ongoing saga of the citizenship and passports sale program which it says, is clearly resulting in a negative publicity for the country.

In a statement signed by President, Bob Loughman, the party says the recent deportation of six people who were allegedly given citizenship under the program is raising serious question about the Government’s inability to protect those who have been granted citizenship.

“We are concerned about the manner in which the Ministries concerned are handling these issues without giving due consideration to Article 5 of the Constitution which clearly spells out that all persons are entitles to certain individual rights and freedoms including the protection of the law, everyone charged with an offence shall have a fair hearing, within a reasonable time, by an independent and impartial court and afforded a lawyer if it is a serious offence.

“The Vanua’aku Party is very concerned that the Government has failed to ensure the rule of law and has not taken all the necessary measures afforded by the constitution and the immigration act.

“The Government has to protect all citizens until the end.

“The Government is failing to do this at present and in doing so is subjecting the citizenship program to something like a commodity where its interest is merely to make money and dispose them off when it doesn’t need them.

“All Leaders taking such decisions must act following the Law, otherwise they could be subjected to Leadership Code.

“At present, our sovereignty is being heavily watered down by intrusion of foreign powers who feel they are at liberty to just walk into our sovereign nation and enforce their laws or do whatever they like.

“We are seeing foreign ships and planes coming into our sovereign space without the appropriate Ministries knowledge and approvals.

“We must protect our Sovereignty and our citizens,” the statement signed by MP Bob Loughman as VP President stated.

The party calls for an immediate review of the Citizenship program and protection measures to protect those genuine people who will only be given citizenship through investments in this country.

“If the Government continues to follow this present path, we are bound to see the value of our citizenship and programs diminished and possibly blacklisted,” the statement concluded.

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