VANGO appeals to CSOs to restock food supply for evacuees

The umbrella body of Civil Society Organisations in Vanuatu, Vanuatu Non-Government Organisation (VANGO), is calling on all its members in the capital to respond to the urgent call to contribute to efforts to restock food supply for Ambae evacuees in Port Vila, beginning this Friday.

The call comes following the Daily Post article titled “Food Supplies Run Out”.

The article stated the stock of emergency food supplies at Sarabulu Church above Harbour View Restaurant in Port Vila, has finally run out – prompting the urgent need to replenish the supply.

At its urgent meeting, the VANGO team has assessed the situation of the Evacuation Centre and confirmed the need for restocking of food.

VANGO President, Lai Sakita says these evacuees need urgent intervention to address the imminent situation, and he wants to see civil society organisations play an active role to ensure that the vulnerable do have access to proper meals and clean water.

Mr Sakita says food contributions should be made every third days in the next two weeks until the end of the State of Emergency on the 26 November 2018.

“The number of evacuees who arrived in Port Vila to escape the aftermath of ash, acid rain and sulphuric flumes from the island’s volcanic eruption has grown to over 1000. Rations provided to these people earlier has truly run out,” says Mr. Sakita.

He called on partners such as churches, chiefs, women organisations, farmers and their respective associates to act swiftly, collaboratively, and generously by responding to the announcement for the urgent supply of food rations or in kind to the evacuees.

He also took the opportunity to thank CSOs and partners for earlier contributions.

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