Street light post

Street Light Post

Since the handing over of the Fatumaru Bay, and Seafront beautification project, in 2016 that includes street and sea front lightings, vandalism on the streets lights by hooligans, is costing a lot of money to repair.

But not only that because it also leaves danger to both the hooligans themselves as well as the general members of the public.

When the beautification project was established, along the Seafront and the Fatumaru Bay, 100 steel street light posts were erected as part of the project. The project was completed in 2016 and handed to the people of Vanuatu. Shortly after that, hooligans began vandalizing the street light posts by ripping off the fuse holder cover, leaving the fuse box unprotected and unsafe for the public.

Peter Robinson, Operations Manager, of the South Pacific Electrics, that have been responsible for erecting the street light steel posts, said it is costing a lot of money to provide repair work on the steel posts, every month since 2016.

“About 10 of the steel posts are vandalized each month and we constantly provide repair work on them which is very costly, but we are also concern for the safety of the public, because when they ripped off the fuse holder cover, it leaves high risk for anyone. This is our great concern in as well as the concern for costly repair work that we do every month,” Peter Robinson voiced to the Daily Post.

He said it’s been three years now after the Seafront, Fatumauru Bay beautification project handover to the people of Port Vila and Vanuatu, yet the hooligans continue to vandalize the street steel posts lights.

“We have place danger-warning stickers on the Fuse Holder Cover of every 100 steel posts but still find they are being vandalized. We want everyone to know that it is dangerous to vandalize the fuse holder covers,” Peter Robinson warns.

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