VAN2017 & ODC Computers support Future ICT Girls Leaders who are SMART Sistas.

SMART Sistas meet Em Pawa at Pacific ICT Days this week

By Jonas Cullwick

“If men can do it, I can do it, too!” says Lana Molivurae, one of the three ni-Vanuatu female contestant in the Robotic Challenge to be held in Washington DC in July 2017.

Van2017 Em Pawa female mascot officiated the robotic presentation at the ICT day in the Convention Centre in Port Vila.

Standing up as the voice of empowering women and girls in Vanuatu, her presence beside the girls reflects not only women in sport but also to help narrow the gender divide with women in ICT.

Community Relations and Events Coordinator Relvie Poilapa said “this is a first to have ni-Vanuatu girls in such areas of technology, and it is indeed a pride, an achievement for women and girls, and also for Vanuatu.

Lana Molivurae from Epauto School, Lilia Raptig from Central school, and Casanda Olul from Malapoa College, will be travelling in July to attend their first Global Robotic Challenge in USA, where 160 countries in the World will also participate.

Van2017 Gold Sponsor, ODC Computers, also fully supports the idea of achieving gender balance by closing the digital gender gap in ICT. ODC Computers are offering female graduates in IT 3 months paid work experience to further their careers in ICT, with a view to full-time employment.

“We need more women in IT,” said ODC General Manager Glen Korikalo.

“Women are more focused, better communicators and have different cognitive abilities than men and are able to see problems from different angles.

“Their contributions, given more opportunities, in ICT are invaluable.

“ODC Computers encourages all women who have graduated in IT studies to apply at”

Van2017 and ODC Computers wish the SMART Sistas all the best for the challenge to be undertaken.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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