The University of the South Pacific Students Association at Emalus Campus (USPSA-EC) has, in the first semester of 2017, given out for the third time its scholarship award to 10 USP students.

The President of the USPSA-EC Mr John Harold was delighted to say that the student’s association was happy to assist once again students academically this semester.

The association funded one course each for two students of preliminary level, same with Foundation, 100 level, 200 level and 300 level courses.

The USPSA-EC screening committee found it hard to make selections since 100 students that applied had very competitive GPAs.

“To us it means that there are a lot of pride students but no sponsors for them.

“The two main criteria for the award are that, the student must have a GPA of 2.5 above and the student must be a private sponsored person,” Harold said.

He said most of these private students that received sponsorship were obviously those students that are under their parent’s income.

Most of their parents were unemployed but supported themselves through farming, selling copra and cocoa for them to pay for the tuitions of their sons and daughters in USP.

There are three Law students; two from Fiji one from Tonga and seven DFL students from Vanuatu who were awarded this semester.

Mr Harold stated that apart from 14 USPSA Branches in the 12 USP regional countries, there was no other USP branch that could continuously offer this scholarship scheme.

The Emalus Campus is the only USP branch giving out this award since 2016.

Lautoka branch did once in 2016 but could not continue because of their financial status.

He said that the funds used came from the student’s subscription fees budget which students paid each semester with their tuition fees.

The USPSA-EC also purchased two pool tables and two couches for the student’s recreational uses this semester and by handing over these items to the USP Campus life officer, the President urges the students to make good use of these items and also to take good care because these items are expensive. He stressed that students needed these recreational items for the purpose of balancing the academic with social aspect of their learning at USP Emalus.

The election of the new USPSA-EC executives will be happening today (Friday 19 of May 2017) and the incumbent executive hopes that the new executive would carry on the same path they have set in addressing student’s welfares at Emalus Campus. Harold thanked Vice President Stanley Hanu, a post graduate law student from Solomon Islands and Mr Nicky who is their current Treasurer who is also a law student from the Solomon Islands who both helped a lot in achieving goals during their term in office.

He also thanked all executive members and senate of USPSA at Emalus Campus who made a tremendous impact in addressing students’ welfare during their term in office.

Harold and the outgoing executive members are all final law students and are ending their course this semester.

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