The 2018 USP Open Day is extra special as it coincided with the University’s 50 years of establishment.

From the colourful float parades in the morning to cultural performances into the night, the day would not have been success without contribution of everyone who have made an effort towards the special event.

Celebrating the day with the theme, “USP-Shaping your Future”, Minister of Education, Jean Pierre-Nirua said that University will commit itself to nurturing all its students and equip students with the relevant knowledge, competencies, skills and attributes for life-long success.

As the Guest Speaker in the event, Nirua who was also acknowledged as one of the pioneers of the establishment of Emalus Campus, he stated, “As an annual event, the Open Day is a significant undertaking by the university to enhance awareness.

“I am pleased to note that over the many years since the first Open Day was undertaken in Vanuatu, the University has significantly progressed in enhancing the level of awareness among the Vanuatu population and the resident communities.

He further added that the Government of Vanuatu is very proud and pleased to be associated with USP, a unique regional university that continues to improve in quality to serve its membership and people.

“Those of you studying at USP these days can be assured that you are in an institution that of quality. “I encourage our younger member of the audience, especially high school students to make a personal commitment to yourselves and your nation that you will work hard in school and that you will do everything you can to go to a university for further studies.

“I urge students to pursue subjects in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). There is an unlimited scope for growth and demand for jobs in these areas in Vanuatu and abroad. All students must have ambitions and aim higher all the time.”

To the previous graduates and Alumni of USP, Nirua called on them to be good ambassadors of USP and your own country and share your good experiences with younger ones, aspiring to follow your footsteps.

“I further urge the members of the Alumni to mobilise, to affiliate with the Aumni Association and to also propose activities to mark the 50th anniversary, in addition to today’s Open Day activities. The 50th anniversary will be celebrated until December 31,” he continued.

On its part, the Government will continue to work clsely with USP to make services more accissible in-country. We thank the University for facilitating the offer of additional programmes and courses in science recently that will also see an incresaed number of academic staff assigned to Emalus Campus.

“The Government expects more teaching to be conducted from Emalus Campus. When this happens, the government will consider increasing scholarship funding for more Vanuatu students to study here at Emalus.

“To high school students, Open Day is about researching and making an important choice. Your choice of university will shape the rest of your life. It is often said that the university years are the best years of one’s life, and in many ways that is very true. USP will shape your future.

“You can be confident that USP is a recognised university that is a major player in the region and is becoming well-known also internationally.”

For many young people who will begin their studies in 2019, this is a grand opportunity for them to appreciate what is on offer at USP.

USP welcomes all of you who want to succeed, and will provide you with the support and encouragement that you need.

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