7 USP Ni-Vanuatu Chinese Learners to participate in separate programs in China

The University of the South Pacific (USP)’s Emalus Campus’ Chinese Confucius Classroom hosted a Pre-departure Orientation program for seven USP Chinese language learners who will leave for China later this month and July to take part in two separate Chinese programs on 6 June.

Two of the students will participate in the 18th Chinese Bridge Competition for college students and five will attend the Shanghai Summer School at the invitation of Shanghai Municipal Government.

Meriam Tarimoliliu, the champion of the 2019 Vanuatu division of Chinese Bridge Competition, will participate in the further round of the competition in China representing Vanuatu university students. Alison Welwel, the runner-up, will observe the competition in China.

The “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition is the most famous international Chinese language competition for non-native speakers. The competition provides a platform for college students of different countries to communicate in Chinese. Since its introduction in Vanuatu in 2015, 10 university students have already participated in the competition in China.

The Shanghai Summer School 2019, a Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship Program, hosted by Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, has offered acceptance letters to Ansen David (group leader), Sonia Wataskon, Linneth Aliveth, Naomie George, Oliver Rihu, all of whom are Chinese language learners at Confucius Classroom of USP (CIUSP).

The aim of the mutual exchanges between Chinese students and students from the Oceania countries, the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE) will hold the Shanghai Summer School Program (“3S Program”) for the students from the Oceania countries in 2019. The 3S Program is a four-week program covering the costs of tuition fees, accommodations, culture activities, field trips and textbooks after the arrival of the students in Shanghai, China. Since 2015, twenty-five Vanuatu students have benefited from the Shanghai tour.

During the Pre-orientation departure program, the USP Emalus Campus Director Mr. Ruben Markward, shared his experience on China with students.

He said that it was a good opportunity for the students to gain new perspectives on life. Mr. Shi Zhanzhuan, Director of Political Office from the Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu said the students would be the pioneers since they are among the first to go to China after Prime Minister Charlot Salwai’s recent visit to China.

He encouraged students to learn Chinese better and make contributions for development of friendship between the two countries. On the trip, the students are required to perform with their best of ability, as they are the cultural envoy of Vanuatu

Chinese lecturers informed the students of the places they will be visiting as well as offered advises for the visitors. The students were also provided a suitcase each as well as gifts for the trip.

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