USP Alumni Association Calls for support towards 50th Anniversary celebrations

The University of the South Pacific (USP) Alumni Association is appealing for support towards the university’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The members met on 10th April 2018 at the Conference Room of the Grand Hotel in Port Vila.

Members of the USP Alumni Association include anyone and everyone who has gained a qualification from The University of the South Pacific since its establishment in 1968. Members are required to register to join the Alumni Association in Vanuatu.

The objectives of the meeting are: 1. Discuss the preparations for the events to mark the USP 50th Anniversary including alumni activities; 2. Get the support of the alumni members to participate fully in the preparations; 3. Discuss the formation of the 50th Anniversary Organizing Committee and alumni membership in the committee; 5. Facilitate increase registration of alumnus as members of the USP Alumni Association in Vanuatu; and 5. Discuss revival of the USP Alumni Association.

Those present included the Minister for Education and Training Jean Pierre Nirua (MP), a senior Alumnus member Mr Jeosephat La’au and the Emalus Campus Manager, Mr Ruben B Markward.

During the meeting Minister Nirua called for a revival of the Alumni Association.

“There is need for a more and better organized association, if things are going to get done,” he said. The Minister was referring to the preparations for the planned activities for the upcoming USP 50th Anniversary celebrations. The Minister for Education and Training is a USP alumnus.

The Alumni Association is calling on all USP graduates to lend their support to the university as it works to undertake activities to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018.

All campuses of the university have planned activities to commemorate this. The Campus Manager stressed that “while USP is leading efforts to celebrate, it is crucial that alumni and other stakeholders find out more about the planned activities and assist.

“Stakeholders can assist USP and determine how best to celebrate what they consider to be achievements of the university over these years”.

It was agreed that the Emalus Advisory Committee will perform the functions of the organizing of the 50th anniversary celebrations. It will serve as the organizing committee for this, and the alumni association is to rally the support of its members toward the planned activities. Among the activities are some publicity, alumni events including a launch of biography and dinners, photo and traveling exhibition, 50th anniversary magazine, report on 50 years of higher education in Vanuatu, Open Day and competitions.

It was also agreed that the next meeting for the USP Alumni Association members will be held on Wednesday, 18th of April 2018 over lunch hour at the Emalus Campus. Anyone who is a graduate of USP is a member and therefore welcome to attend.

Publicity will commence in April to inform everyone.

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