Unofficial results of the 2016

Snap General Election received over the weekend shows the Union of Moderate Parties (UMP) leading with seven candidates, followed by the Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP) and the Iauko Group (IG) with six winning candidates each, the Vanua’aku Pati (VP) with five candidates, the National United Party (NUP) with three winning candidates, the Reunification of Movement for Change (RMC)with three candidates, the Vanuatu National Development Party (VNDP) with two candidates, Nagriamel with two,Natatok party with one winning candidate, Friend Melanesian Party (FMP) with one candidate, the Vanuatu Green Confederation (VGC) with two candidates, Leaders Party of Vanuatu (LPV) with one candidate, as well as the Melanesian Progressive Party (MPP) with one and nine independent candidates.

Torres Constituency (1 seat)

1. Christophe Emelee (Vanuatu National Development Party, VNDP) 439 Votes

Banks Constituency (1 seat)

1. Jack Wona (Vanuatu National Development Party, VNDP) 717 Votes

Santo Constituency (7 seats)

1. Hosea Nevu (Iauko Group, IG) 1200 Votes

2. Alfred Maoh (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP) 1145 Votes

3. Samson Samsen (Vanuatu Presidential Party, VPP) 1050 Votes

4. Marko Mahe (Reunification of Movement for Change, RMC) 827 Votes

5. Ronald Warsal (Vanua’aku Pati, VP) 758 Votes

6. Edwin Amblus (FMP) 750 Votes

7. Gaetan Pikioune (Nagriamel, NAG) 740 Votes

Luganville Constituency (2 Seats)

1. Matai Seremaiah (Independent, IND) 1857 Votes

2. Marc Ati (Iauko Group, IG) 965 Votes

Malo Constituency (1 Seat)

1. Havo Moli ( Nagriamel, NAG) 892 Votes

Malekula Constituency (7 Seats)

1. Sato Kilman (People Progressive Party, PPP) 1033 Votes

2. Esmon Simion (Vaanuaku Pati, VP) 963 Votes

3. Marcelino Barthelemy (Reunification of Movement for Change, RMC) 787 Votes

4. Don Ken (PSP) 715 Votes

5. Jerome Ludvaune (Union of Moderate Party, UMP) 665 Votes

6. John Sala (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP) 663 Votes

7. Gracia Chadrack (Independent, IND) 629 Votes

Ambrym Constituency (2 Seats)

1. Bruno Leingkon (National United Party, NUP) 825 Votes

2. Albert William (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP) 706 Votes

Paama Constituency (1 Seat)

1. Fred William Tasso (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP) 208 Votes

Pentecost Constituency (4 Seats)

1. Sailas Bule (National United Party, NUP) 1176 Votes

2. Francois Chani (National United Party, NUP) 1100 Votes

3. Charlot Salwai (Reunification Movement for Change, RMC) 950 Votes

4. Richard Leona (Independent, IND) 611 Votes

Ambae Constituency (3 Seats)

1. Jacob Mata (independent, IND) 720 Votes

2. Jay Ngwele (Iauko Group, IG) 641 Votes

3. Alickson Vira (Natatok) 594 Votes

Maewo Constituency (1 Seat)

1. Ian Wilson (Independent, IND) 1273 Votes

Epi Constituency (2 Seats)

1. Isaac Daniel (Independent, IND) 590 Votes

2. Seoule Simeon (Union of Moderate Party. UMP) 508 Votes

Tongoa Constituency (1 seat)

1. Kalo Pakoa Songi Lano (Iauko Group, IG) 423

Shepherds Outer Islands Constituency (1 seat)

1. Toara Daniel (Vanuatu Green Confederation, VGC) 636 Votes

Efate Constituency (4 seats)

1. Norris Jack (Union of Moderate Party, UMP) 2070 Votes

2. Joshua Kalsakau (Vanuatu Labour Party, VLP) 1420 Votes

3. Jerry Kanas (Independent, IND) 900 Votes

4. Nato Taiwia (Natatok) 840 Votes

Port Vila Constituency (6 seats)

1. Kenneth Natapei (Vaanuaku Pati, VP) 1279 Votes

2. Ismael Kalsakau (Union of Moderate Party, UMP) 1247 Votes

3. Ralph Regenvanu (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP) 1154 Votes

4. Jean Pierre Nirua (Independent, IND) 1147 Votes

5. Kalo Seule (Vanuatu Green Confederation, VGC) 1037 Votes

6. Ephraim Kalsakau (Independent, IND) 843 Votes

Tanna Constituency (7 seats)

1. Joe Natuman (Vanua’aku Pati, VP) 1504 votes

2. Jotham Napat (Leaders Party of Vanuatu, LPV) 1440 votes

3. Bob Loughman (Vanua’aku Pati, VP) 1050 votes

4. Tom Nauam (Independent, IND) 938 votes

5. Nakou Natuman (Union of Moderate Party, UMP) 901 votes

6. Johnny Koanapo (Vanua’aku Pati, VP) 842 votes

7. Andrew Napuat (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP) 737 votes/ Xavier Iauko (Iauko Group, IG) 737 votes

Tafea Outer Islands Constituency (1 seat)

1. Tomker Naling (Union of Moderate Parties, UMP) 504 votes

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