Unofficial results after the counting of the by-election votes yesterday evening indicated that Vanua’aku Pati candidate Kenneth Natapei leading with 4,600 votes out of all 12 Polling Stations (PS)in Port Vila.

The other five candidates have secured the following: Independent candidate Ishmael Kalsakau-3205, People’s Progressive Party (PPP)Nadia Kaneggai-974, Independent candidate Joycelyn Mete-156, Natatok’s Allan Carlot-380 and Union of Moderate Parties’ Georgio Carlo-918.

But Principal Electoral Officer Charles Vatu told the Daily Post last night that the overall voter turnout in all 12 polling stations including Noumea, was less than 50% and the total valid votes cast a mere 10,236 out of the total of 37, 324 eligible registered voters in the Port Vila constituency.

Prior press yesterday Daily Post received first hand unofficial result from New Caledonia. Out of 1,052 eligible registered voters at the polling station in Noumea,only 89 voters turned up to cast their votes yesterday with VP candidate Natapei leading with 38 votes in the unofficial results.

Meanwhile the unofficial results in PS in Port Vila were:Anglican Church PS:Kalsakau-277, Calo-78, Kaneggai-73, Natapei-351, Mete-12 and Carlot-17.

Hospitality, Training and Leisure Training College (HTLTC) of the Vanuatu Institute of Technology PS: Kalsakau (375), Calo-113, Kaneggai-138, Natapei-538, Mete-20 and Carlot-50.

Town Hall PS: Kalsakau-93, Calo-27, Kaneggai-50, Natapei-195, Mete-6 and Carlot-5.

Chiefs Nakamal PS: Kalsakau-345, Calo-128, Kaneggai-58, Natapei-240, Mete-8 and Carlot-66.

Anamburu PS: Kalsakau-523, Calo-200, Kaneggai-164, Natapei-662, Mete-18 and Carlot-31.

Vila North PS: Kalsakau-291, Calo-94, Kaneggai-117, Natapei-529, Mete-26 and Carlot-63.

Freshwota School PS: Kalsakau-291, Calo-101, Kaneggai-110, Natapei-509, Mete-10 and Carlot-18.

NTM PS: Kalsakau-363, Calo-109, Kaneggai-86, Natapei-304, Mete-1 and Carlot-72.

Teouma PS : Kalsakau-65, Calo-4, Kaneggai-18, Natapei-120, Mete-2 and Carlot-3.

Beverly Hills PS: Kalsakau-141, Calo-32, Kaneggai-91, Natapei-282-, Mete-39 and Carlot-23.

Dumbea Hall PS: Kalsakau -412, Calo-32, Kaneggai-69, Natapei-513, Mete-14 and Carlot-32.

When the polling stations opened at 7.30am, the NTM PS had only five voters who turned up, followed by three others shortly and by midday around only 200 voters out of the total of 4,249 voters at the NTM PS turned up to vote. This turnout reflected the turnout in almost every 12 polling stations throughout the Port Vila constituency.

Independent observers attributed the poor voter turnout in the Port Vila constituency to the ongoing political instability and changes in the country and a few polling stations recorded incidents of problems with electoral cards.

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