The University of the South Pacific (USP) is finally offering for the first time one of its journalism courses to be studied and accessed online throughout regional campuses.

This means students in Vanuatu who wish to pursue a career in journalism or those who just want some background knowledge on journalism can enroll for this course at Emalus Campus.

The promise made by Dr. Shailendra Singh head of Journalism at Laucala Campus in Suva Fiji when he visited Vanuatu last year has finally become a reality for many journalism students.

The course is now being offered via online mode N101 Introduction to Journalism and it is a 100 level course which introduces students to the field of Journalism and what is expected of a journalist.

It poses questions such as; what is news? What is the role of media in a society? What are media ethics and why are ethics important?

The course is offered online this semester and may also involve some face to face interaction depending on when the need arises.

While the degree in journalism consists of a total of 24 courses, the Diploma program is only 12 courses, one of which is the JN101. Five of the other Journalism courses in the diploma program are not yet offered here at the Vanuatu Campus but should be soon.

The other six courses in the diploma program are offered at the Vanuatu Campus and students interested in the Journalism Program can enroll to do these other courses before going to Laucala Campus in Suva, Fiji, to complete their program.

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