With the evacuation of the population of Ambae to Pentecost, Maewo, Santo and Malekula due to the erupting Manaro Volcano, the United Nations Development Programme’s Global Fund see the handing over of eight out boat motor engines and one boat to the Ministry of Health this week as timely.

While the Ministry of Health requested the boat and engines as part of the reprogramming exercise of savings from the Malaria grant, UN Resident Coordinator, Osnat Lubrani has described the handover ceremony as “very important and crucial given the great need to have good and effective health surveillance on the displaced population of Ambae on Maewo and Pentecost.

The UN Coordinator says it is important to monitor the possibility of disease outbreaks and also improve health service delivery in the difficult areas to reach communities in Sanma and Torba Provinces.

“This is the last quarter of this grant cycle and we thank the Ministry of Health on the prog4ess we have made so far especially with the goal of eliminating Malaria in the country”, Lubrani says.

“UNDP/GF is pleased to join other UN agencies and partners to assist the Government in its difficult times through its prorammes. We have done this in the past and we will continue to provide this support in the future to come.

“On behalf of UNDP/GF, I’d like to express special thanks to DFAT, WHO and other partners — UN agencies for working in full collaboration, including sharing resources (technical and financial) to effectively support the Ministry of Health with its health plans and in disaster situations”.

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