Educationist and Workshop facilitator Iaris Esau Isaac (left) and North Tanna Area Chairman

of United Movement for Vanuatu People (UMVP — newly launched political party) Christ Naliu

By Len Garae

While more people are practising the original call by the founders of the Independence struggle to go for self-reliance, a large number of pockets of isolated communities in rural areas still need to be educated against dependence on free handouts.

This is the observation of senior educationist, Iaris Esau Isaac of Tanna as he calls on political leaders and instructors at the University of the South Pacific, to educate interested students and young politicians how to play genuine, honest politics at village level.

The educationist is currently working with the Tafea Provincial Government, an NGO at Islangel and a number of politicians, to organise an educational awareness workshop.

“The purpose of this workshop is to improve the skills of the attendants to better equip themselves to understand topics including what is politics, how to become self-reliant and where family and community fit in,” he says.

“Other important topics to cover include how to prepare and present a political report including budget for the political subcommittee to approve.”

The political workshop will prepare interested candidates at village level starting at Lowanpakel in North East Tanna to Fatumine Tribe and Waisisi.

The political workshop will groom candidates to contest under a newly launched political party called United Movements for Vanuatu People (UMVP) belongs to young entrepreneur Michael Okten.

Representatives will also come from Fetukae, Imaru and Lamenaura in Central Tanna.

“The expectation of (the UMVP) leaders of Tanna is that through such a workshop, participants will be able to improve their skills, professionalism and workforce to achieve a successful outcome, to prepare for the national elections in 2020 while maintaining transparency in the political party,” he adds.

In the same spirit, the educationist calls on similar regions in the North of the country to do likewise and prepare their candidates to get ready for the national elections.

“There should be a new political route for 2020 and beyond based on a new professional standard to maintain peace, unity and respect, to work to serve the best interests of the people despite the challenges faced in a Coalition Government,” he says.

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