The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) performed a custom ceremony to the Vanuatu Government and its people on Saturday (December 1) at the Malvatumauri Chiefs Nakamal.

The ceremony saw Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ralph Reganvanu, giving a speech on Vanuatu’s stand on West Papua.

He said that Vanuatu is still committed to the decolonization and self determination for West Papuans.

“The Government has reaffirmed its commitment with a number of decisions placed in cabinet to approve its current strategy in place to influence the international community so that all its member may understand West Papuans’ issue such as injustice, human rights abuse, issue of continuing colonization in West Papua and environment protection.

“All these issues must work together to meet the UN agenda,” said Mr Reganvanu.

Reganvanu said this year the Vanuatu government has put the West Papua issue in the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) agenda which has a total of 79 countries.

He confirms that the agenda will be discussed at that level in Brussels on December, in which he will attend to present Vanuatu’s agenda which has been approved in the level of ambassadors on the issue of human rights and self determination to go back to the agenda of the Human Rights Council and the United Nations council.

The Minister said he looks forward to the support of the 79 countries of the ACP towards the resolution.

Paula Makabory, ULMWP executive member said that West Papuans are currently facing power abuse by the Indonesian military that has burned down advocating offices and arresting indigenous individuals.

She appealed to the Vanuatu government and its people to not forget West Papua and to support them always.

President of the Malvatumauri council, Chief Willie Plasua sealed the custom ceremony gift with a speech followed by a kava ceremony.

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