Two more dead from cyclone Hola

South Santo's Navaka River near the village of Mataipeivu, taken in October 2014.

Two primary children have been found dead after being washed away by a fast moving river near their home in south Santo last Friday, increasing cyclone Hola death toll to three.

Cyclone Hola brought heavy rainfall when passing the country.

The two children were swept away by the big fast-moving Navaka River when returning home from school (Saratau School), with their mother.

They were reportedly taken from their mother’s grasp as they crossed the swollen river.

Locals conducted a search and found the body of one of the child near the river that same day while the other was found a few days later.

The siblings were from the remote village of Loukiki.

A chief from West Coast Santo, Garae Manasah, confirmed reports of the two dead children as reported by relatives in south Santo to the Daily Post yesterday.

A staff from the Women’s Affair Department in Luganville, Gloria Tarileo, who is also a member of the Gender Protection Cluster, conveyed she contacted the Northern Commander immediately after being told about the incident last Friday, for police to help search for the bodies.

“It seems they (police) did nothing.

“I also informed the Secretary General (SG) of Sanma as chairman of Sanma Disaster Cluster and the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), as the area where the incident occurred is very remote”, she stressed.

Navaka flows some metres from land to the coast. It is not safe to cross it during bad weather or heavy rains.

School children from Louikiki cross the Navaka river every day to get to school.

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