The Australian Government funded TVET (Technical and Vocational Education Training) sector strengthening program has commenced operation at its fourth centre in Tafea.

Tafea, like Sanma, Malampa, and Torba will experience impacts on its productive sectors now that TVET Program has set firm at Lenakel on Tanna.

The program will be delivered through a TVET Centre that would be soon formally launched, based on the successful models established in the three provinces.

Following a soft launch earlier this month, works have started with a focus on rehabilitating the Cyclone-affected province. Its first workshops and trainings will be concentrated on construction and agriculture.

The reason of that is to help get the people from the province get back on their feet and recover from Cyclone Pam before other economic strengthening activity can happen.

The TVET Program Team Leader, Fremden Yanhambath, said TVET will work closely with the Provincial Government Training Board (PGTB) to revise the skills plan priorities.

“Due to the cyclone, the outlined skills plan have changed based on the needs of communities such as construction.

“Locals need skills in building stronger houses to be able to withstand future disasters.”

Based on the assessment reports put out by the government on the effects of Cyclone Pam, TVET is looking at targeting the productive sectors such as agriculture, livestock , fisheries, including construction, the TVET Systems Specialists, Marian Loughman, told the local media in a statement.

“As we (TVET) go along the other cross sectors will start to fall in.

“We created an agri-business matrix system for Malampa in the past years and we will create a similar one for Tafea towards the end of June and it will serve as a guide on helping the productive sectors in the next 5 years,” she added.

The opening today (June 2) is just to show that TVET is here, in Tafea, and ready to work with stakeholders”, said Yanhambath.

President of Tafea Province, Job Teo, acknowledged the governments of Vanuatu and Australia for recognising the importance of upgrading skills; to enable locals to manage resources and improve quality of life.

“This is a big achievement for Tafea and I believe the people will make good use of the centre,” he said.

V Qualifications Authority Chief Executive Officer, David Lambukly, urged the PGTB to ensure trainings that are rolled out must meet the social and economic demand of the province.

Torba, Sanma and Malampa were chosen by the government as the centre sites through a competition process which all provinces participated.

Tafea was declared to accommodate the fourth centre by the former Prime Minister, Joe Natuman, with support from the government.

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