Tutuba parents want qualified teachers

The parents of students attending Dombulu Primary School on the island of Tutuba, Santo are calling for qualified teachers to provide quality education to their children.

Parents who contacted the Daily Post from Tutuba, alleged that out of the three teachers who were selected to teach at the Dombulu Primary School in 2018, only one was accepted to teach there while the other two refused to go to Tutuba.

This has reportedly left the Primary School with only one qualified teacher, while all other teachers of the 100 students in Kindergarten, Year 1 to Year 6 are untrained teachers.

“Our school has faced the same situation over the years and the quality of education our children are receiving is very low,” a concerned parent said. “Our children come home with homework and results that just make us parents very depressed with the standard of our school here.”

A reliable source on the island who spoke to the Daily Post said some parents opt to send their children to other schools on the mainland Santo, but this is not practical because the children are too young to lodge with families or friends.

In addition, sending them on a daily basis to attend classes at different schools on mainland Santo would cost a fortune traveling twice a day, five days a week by boat.

“We need an intervention from the national government as the issue of poor education quality in our school and for our past and present children and students has been and remains a worrying factor for us,” a concerned parent conveyed.

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