The tsunami triggered by the 7.6 Magnitude earthquake off Loyalty Islands has caused damage to a French Primary School, residential dwellings and gardens along the coast of Aneityum.

As at 6pm yesterday there was no report from the island of any lives lost.

Yesterday Hudson Mataiyo and Joseph Yasifu, both living on Aneityum reported damage to houses by the tsunami at Anelcauhat and Umeij, two of the island’s main centres.

Both centres are in the south-west and southern part of the island- facing the Loyalty Islands.

Due to communication difficulties, there was no report obtained from Port Patrick, another main centre to the North of Aneityum.

On Umeij, the surge from the tsunami travelled inland about 200 metres to cause damage to the village’s French Primary School bringing down the brick wall of a semi permanent classroom and damaging exercise books of school children attending the school as well as causing damage to another classroom.

There were no children in the classrooms when the tsunami struck.

Two homes on the other side of the stream next to the school were wiped out by the tsunami.

At another end of Umeij village where there is another stream, the water from the tsunami reportedly reached a height of 2 metres as it travelled inland.

Umeij, considered as the southern-most village in Vanuatu received the most damage from the tsunami yesterday.

At Anelcauhat there were some damage to houses near the coast and taro patches in swamps.

Photos of Teruja Junior Secondary School at Anelcauhat show that the sea water travelled inland by around 15 metres on its playing field.

This is a school that the government promised to relocate to a land on the higher ground that has already been identified, but the relocation has not materialised yet.

When Daily Post called Aneityum yesterday, the tsunami had already passed but there are reports that many people on the island had already received the alert and fled to higher grounds beforehand.

Effects of the tsunami were also reported on Tanna, Aniwa and Efate.

While there was no alert on the Vanuatu Meteorology Website yesterday or any text message sent out, meteorology experts administrating the Vanuatu Rainfall and Agro-Meteorology Outlook Facebook page reported that the earthquake struck at 3.18pm with a Magnitude of 7.6 at a depth of 10 kilometres South East of the Loyalty Islands.

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