Toka dance

True colours of Toka Dance

It is now the turn of Imoklan Village on West Tanna to display the true colours of the island through its latest product for visitors – the spectacular Toka Dance.

Launched only on July 5, the introduction of the famed highly cultural event is aimed at increasing economic activity in the community.

The event was attended by relevant stakeholders including representatives of the Department of Tourism, Tafea Provincial Council, tour operators, accommodation providers and Tanna Travel Centre as well as tourists.

Jimmy Kawiel from the Tafea Department of Tourism said, “This is another good way of adding value to the iconic Yasur Volcano to attract more tourists to the island”.

The tour includes local food tasting, how to make a fire, the ‘devils walk’ plus different custom dances and a visit to the giant banyan tree, which is also the traditional meeting place or nakamal on Tanna.

Thanks to Year six school leavers and seasonal workers who created the product.

The tour ends with local food for refreshment before it continues to the banyan tree.

It is described as a “glow” into the once highly complexed, cultural, giant custom dance which attracted over a thousand colourful custom dancers at dawn.

This was the very dance that villagers on Tanna prepared very well for by fattening their animals (pigs) and planting their yams and kava for use during the Toka Dance season about March to August, to conform to the spirit of the annual event.

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