Trainee teachers taught on how to set up a library

Participants of this year’s VITE library elective training facilitated by PCVEA

By Anita Roberts

The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu Education Training (PCVEA) has been training trainee teachers how to set up and manage a library.

PCVEA begun facilitating this library training at the Vanuatu Institute of Teacher’s Education (VITE) since 2015 as an elective for the intakes.

Students pursuing studies at VITE must pick an elective course apart from having a number of main courses. Library course is one of the electives.

Once they graduated and send to teach in schools, part of their job requirement is to involve in extracurricular activities. For example, be the head of a department, a class teacher, a house mistress or a librarian.

This year’s training was attended by 20 intakes who are interested in librarianship, reading and research. So far, PCVEA has trained over 70.

Vanuatu rank high in illiteracy in the pacific, said the PCVEA Secretary, Jonathan Tarip. Having a library will improve reading skills.

“While the ministry of education wants to see that all schools in Vanuatu have a library, people are still regarding librarian as a dirty job, employing them with low salaries.

“Librarians are very resourceful people. They manage the store of knowledge for schools and communities”, said Tarip.

Participants were taught on how to make libraries a place to support teaching and learning for instance.

They received certificates for successfully completing the course.

Following the training at VITE, PCVEA received a request from Eratap Centre School to set up their library.

According to Tarip, they went and set up the school’s library.

Apart from shelving the books, they also trained someone who want to become the school librarian.

Apart from this library course, PCVEA will be facilitating a school leadership and management workshop next month. 40 school teachers and principals have indicate to attend the intensive training.

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