TORBA MPs alarmed at Leader of Opposition's statement requesting Minister should step down

The two members of Parliament (MPs) of the Northern most part of the Archipelago, MP Christopher Emelee and MP Jack Wona have expressed concern on the way the Leader of Opposition had worded his statement against the Minister of Sports.

“We are mindful that the Leader of Opposition and his office are there as a watch dog. Issues that are more pressing to affect the nation’s welfare should be his role, as his office is fully funded by the nation’s Tax Payers.

“It would seem that the Office of the Leader of Opposition had been misinformed by his informers and therefore had lashed out again at the Minister of Youth and Sports on the 4 Million vatu which was never released to them according to the Director General of the Ministry of Finance, and after they had performed a reconciliation at the Ceremony at the VASANOC Office by those involved as stated by the Daily Post Issue No. 5397.”

Daily Sports understands that the matter has been resolved and VASANOC and VANGOV through the Ministry and Department of Sports are looking forward to strengthen cooperation between them.

In respect of the VAN2017 successes and a good reputation the two MPs are fully supportive of this statement, but to say that the Minister tarnished this reputation is not accepted by the two MPs.

“There is an understanding the VAN2017 Games did make a surplus of Vt35.5 million, of which there has never been a financial report that had been produced and sent to the authorities concerned,” they said.

According to Daily Sports, VAN2017 PMGs made surplus of about Vt74 million.

Vt37million was equally shared with VASANOC and VANGOV according to Government Order Reg. 205/2016.

The MPs claim that these monies were somehow transferred to the VASANOC Accounts with a clever scheme initiated by the Chairman of VASANOC without the knowledge of those who should have decided on the said funds, as propaganda tool to be re-elected to his position.

However, Daily Sports understands that VASANOC Elections and re-election of Chairman had nothing with these funds.

The MPs’ statement added: “We understand these are the monies which the VASANOC used to spend on the Athletes, the Disciplines’ Federation Fees and the Commonwealth Games expenses.

“We had hoped that the leader of Opposition should have stressed the need for a Commission of Enquiry into the non-reporting of the VAN 2017 Games Financial Statement by VASANOC and the Games Committee before trying to tarnish the name of the Government of the Republic Vanuatu, through the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, as both their visit to Fiji and Brisbane were both Official in its nature.

“This would be best seen as the Leader of Opposition’s role rather than asking the State Minister to step down without a Commission of Inquiry into the alleged Vt4million as stated in his statement in the Weekend edition of Daily Post.

“In this instance, we would ask all media to get their facts correct before going into the media so as not to mislead the people of Vanuatu.”

Daily Sport understands that VASANOC did not use these funds for the Commonwealth Games. In addition, reporting on the VAN2017 PMGs Funds is the responsibility of VAN2017 OrgCom and VAN2017 Games Authority, not VASANOC.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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