Year 13 winners of RBV 2019 Awards

One of the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu (RBV) Products launched by the Prime Minister at Warwick Le Lagon Resort and Spa Conference Hall last Wednesday was the RBV Education Awards 2019 for four Year 13 students, whose past year records showed remarkable achievements in Mathematics.

Here are the names of the Year 13 Students: Charles Joseph is studying at Malapoa College, Port Vila. Asked why he enjoys Mathematics, he replies, “Ever since I began my education journey, Math was and is a natural thing to me. I love the concept studies and all the playing around, dealing with numbers and so on. The idea is very appealing and interesting. I would like to become a pilot after I finish my studies”.

Year 13 Student Christina Albert is also from Malapoa College. Asked why she loves mathematics, she replies, “It is a favourite subject of mine and I believe it is important as it is used in everyday life. I want to become an accountant or accounting teacher one day.

Hamsen Meltecoin is a Year 13 student from College de Norsup, Malekula. Currently studying at Lycee de Monmartre, he says of his interest in mathematics, “I borrow Maths textbooks from the library and do extra exercises on the topics that I do not know well. I want to become either a banker or a computing teacher”.

Graceiella Massingman is a Year 13 student from Lycee de Montmartre. RBV Governor Simeon Athy who is himself a former student of Malapoa College and an economist, is optimistic of the future of the Awards saying the initiative is fully supported by the Prime Minister who is the Chairman of the National Financial Inclusion Council, which fully endorses the academic success of the Awards. The Prime Minister has recommended that the Awards be also made available for students below Year 13.

Meanwhile for unknown reasons, the majority of students from Vanuatu seem to avoid taking Mathematics and Science Subjects and go for Art Subjects at university.

Several years ago, two USP Lecturers from Laucala Campus in Suva came to Port Vila to address secondary school students in an attempt to boost interests for students to take Mathematics and Science Subjects arguing that it seemed to be a regional trend in the Pacific where students tended to Art Subjects.

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