Tongoa Council of Chiefs and SG Kalworai (front), PMU Manager Brian Philips (third right) and

IsraAID Country Director (far right) after the water project presentation at Morua, Tongoa.

Fern Napwatt

The people of Tongoa will soon have access to running water at their doorstep.

The main donor behind the water project is the World Bank and IsraAID Humanitarian Aid Agency is the partner on the ground managing the project and implementing the works.

The IsraAID team presented the water project to the Tongoa Council of Chiefs on the island of Tongoa at the Sub-district of Morua, on Wednesday.

During the presentation, the Secretary General of the Shefa Province, Mr Michel Kalworai said that the Shefa province was privileged to be recipient of such projects and for the island of Tongoa in this case.

“TC Pam has been a blessing in disguise, now we have donors coming in to help us recover and rebuild our lives that has been affected after the cyclone and one of this need is water system for the people of Tongoa, it has to become a reality and for that to happen we need the support of the chiefs,” he said.

“I also want to acknowledge the collaboration between Project Management Unit manager, Mr Brian Philips (Ministry of Climate Change) and the IsraAID to make sure the water project is now taking place on the island of Tongoa.”

SG Kalworai said that the water project was only going to work when the chiefs are able to work together to unite and support the project until the end. The PMU manager, Brian Philips reiterated that water project was a collective role by the chiefs, IsraAID, the Vanuatu government and Ministry of Climate Change for the implementation of the project for the people of Tongoa.

“As is the main concern for all projects donated to help the people of this country, we need your support (chiefs) to enable this project to work out- IsraAID is here to deliver the projects but we need the corporation of everyone,” he said.

The IsraAID Country Director, Ms Natalie Silverlieb said that the water project was a collaborative effort meant to maximize the capacity of existing sources and really harness local resources to tackle water shortage challenges and in preparation for a water surplus in case of emergencies.

“We have the technical expertise, but it is their island, their communities, they are the experts on how things need to work in order to make the work we are doing sustainable, and we need their guidance and support in order to ensure the successful completion of the project by our goal of end of July,” she said.

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