Chief Mariasi with copy of the resolutions

Chief Mariasi with copy of the resolutions

“Each and every household or families and individuals on Tongoa, in Port Vila and elsewhere in Vanuatu are encouraged to have a copy of the 84 resolutions,” says the Tongoa, Tongariki and Buninga Malvatumauri representative, Chief Abert Moses Mariasi.

Chief Mariasi was referring to the Tongoa Council of Chiefs Resolutions,passed by the Chiefs on Tongoa in August 2013, and now being enforced.

He said the 84 Resolutions which were discussed and passed in August 2013 by the Paramount Chiefs on Tongoa at Bongabonga Village, is a comprehensive guide for the chiefs and the people of Tongoa in such areas as land boundaries, ordination of chiefs, reconciliation through customary processes and ways, ways of respect, unity and peace, welfare, teaching of cultural heritage and their importance, copy right, conservation and the daily ways of village and island life.

“We want our people to familiarize themselves with the Resolutions which we believe will go a long way to help avoid many problems that our country is facing today.

“It is a guide that will also help our young generation in many ways such as appreciating our cultural way of life, respect for one another, respect for our island and people, learning important traditional ways of life and as far as leadership, unity, peace, traditional reconciliation process, customary marriage ceremonies and the whole traditional way of life and all its customary legal systems and more,” he pointed out.

“The 84 resolutions were not just passed by the Tongoa Paramount Custom Chiefs, but had also had the wider consultations with various members of the churches, the women, the youths, the Cultural Center and other NGO groups.

“All the Chiefs on Tongoa have already been given a copy each and now we want all households or the families and individuals to have a copy of the resolutions and familiarize themselves with its content. The cost for each copy is Vt1,500.

“I am taking back with me to the island several hundred copies to the island shortly.

“The fee is to cover the costs such as printing as well as the facilitation of the Council’s Office on the island, the administrative costs, transport and others,” explained the Chief.

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