Dr Fasi (centre) on his visit to Malampa TVET Centre

By Anita Roberts

One of Australia’s successful aid program in Vanuatu is the Skills for Economic Growth.

Formerly known as the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) program, Skills for Economic Growth contributes to economic development.

The Team Leader of the Skills for Economic Growth Program in Tonga, Dr Uhilomoelanai Fasi, was in Vanuatu recently getting some insights on the program’s successful implementation.

He was a guest at the Vanuatu Skills for Economic Growth Program Strategic Planning Workshop hosted by Vanuatu’s Team Leader, Fremden Yanhambath.

It was an opportunity for him to engage with Ni-Vanuatu counterparts to increase knowledge by engaging in a range of activities.

Dr Fasi traveled to Malekula to visit the Malampa TVET Centre.

He also toured the Sanma TVET Centre on Santo.

During these provincial visits, Dr Fasi was introduced to a number of skills development activities and projects facilitated by the program.

Site visits included the Malampa Women’s Handicraft Centre, tourism businesses and the Sanma Tourism Information Centre in Luganville.

Dr Fasi also met with staff from the Australian High Commission Office.

Part of the visit was to promote clear collaboration of prosperity programs under Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Skills for Economic Growth is one of the several programs aided under the Skills for Prosperity Component of DFAT’s Strategy for Australia’s investment in education 2015 to 2025.

One topic discussed with the DFAT representatives was establishing a community of practice with other Australian funded skills development programs in the region and in Asia.

In between his visits and meetings with different stakeholders as the Vanuatu Qualification Authority, Dr Fasi and Vanuatu Team Leader Yanhambath deliberate on program’s future collaboration.

Both programs look forward to working together to promote inclusive economic growth.

Skills for Economic Growth, a skills sector reform in the pacific is based on a decentralized model of program delivery that emphasizes locally-driven solutions to matching skills supply with skills demand and maximizing opportunities for inclusive economic growth.

The model for Vanuatu has influenced the investment design for other skills for prosperity-related programs such as Tonga and Sri Lanka Skills for Inclusive Economic Growth.

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