Almost 100,000 ‘Mum You First’ kits will be distributed to babies in all six provinces this year in an effort to reduce tooth decay among children in Vanuatu.

A total of 80,000 of these oral health packs will be distributed on different occasions marking the Bright Smiles, Bright Future program, for instance, the Tooth Brushing Day in July, Oral Health Day in September and Global Hand washing Day in November.

Last Thursday, the Ministry of Health witnessed the launching of Mum You First, a program introduced by Colgate Palmolive Fiji, targeting mothers and children to become dental care models to their children.

One thousand Mum You First kits will be handed over to mothers at the Antenatal Clinic in Port Vila and shared among other provinces.

The kit comprises of a child’s toothbrush and tooth paste, an adult’s tooth brush and some oral health promotion reading materials.

The promotion also reminds parents to use fluoride paste and teach their children the correct way to brush their teeth and when to brush their teeth.

Mum You First program encourages children to brush their teeth in at least two times per day, after breakfast and before going to bed at night, for a strong healthy teeth.

Parents and caregivers are also advised to provide supervision to their children during brushing time, to support the campaign’s theme, “Children brush better when you brush with them”.

Nilesh Chand from Colgate Palmolive Fiji commended the partnership established with the Ministry of Health to carry out oral health campaigns in Vanuatu.

The Mum You First launching was officiated by Dr. Willie Tokon, Director of Curative Services, Doctor Maine Zedel, Mrs. Apisai Tokon and Mr. Nilesh Chand and was witnessed by staff of the Health Department.

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