Ambae’s evacuation will be remembered as a tragic— and inspiring—episode in Vanuatu’s history.

“The defining aspect of the Manaro volcano story is how quickly and effectively people all across this country mobilised to support Ambae’s population after the volcano forced them into exile.

Goods were being collected from the moment people began to filter down from the hilltop villages that were the first affected by ash and acid rain. Nobody waited for authorities to tell them what to do. Family comes first in Vanuatu, and we are all one family when faced with adversity such as this...”

Let’s take a moment to say thank you to everyone. There’s no need to name names; you know who you are. Those of you who gave cash, who

donated goods, who worked round the clock to provide comfort, support and solace.

To every one of you, high and low, old and young, rich and poor, who treated Ambae’s exiles with dignity, compassion and care: THANK YOU

This is Vanuatu’s moment, and we chose to shine.

It’s all because of people like you.

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