Thank you from Mangaliliu

Chief Tivat Kalotiti, Chairman of the Mangaliliu celebration committee

By Jonas Cullwick

The Chairman of the Mangaliliu one-week July 30 Independence Day celebration 2017, Chief Tivat Kalotiti, has expressed the gratitude of the village and those of Northwest Efate people to the sponsors and visitors to the celebration venue.

“I am proud to say the celebration to mark the Vanuatu 37th Independence Anniversary at Mangaliliu station was a success,” he said.

Chief Kalotiti especially thanked the Head of State, President Obed Moses Tallis, for gracing their celebration with his presence and awarding the Vanuatu Medals of Honor to 15 awardees from Northwest Efate villages for their services to the country and the people.

He expressed his gratitude to the music performers for their contribution to their many activities.

Among them the Vanuatu Mobile Force brass band that participated in the opening ceremony and the parade through Mangaliliu, the first for the village, that brought tears to many, who were reminded of the sacrifices of many of their elders during the pre-independence days.

And even though the village is not far away from the nation’s capital where the band is based but it had never performed there until then.

Other artists included Paul Wari, John Amos Korikaloi, Vetlis band, Janet Barako and Stanley and Ilene.

Scores of sponsors named included Havana Resort, Save the Children’s Fund, Transpacific real estate, Congoola Cruises, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Jill’s Café, Efate Rural MPs Jerry Kanas, MP Killion William and MP Joshua Kalsakau and Wahoo Bar.

Total donation received was Vt457,000, which assisted the organizing committee put on a successful celebration for everyone including the hundreds of visitors from Port Vila and other areas of Efate and offshore islands.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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