Teouma Primary School Appeals for Help

Teouma Greenhill Primary School Council is requesting the contribution of everyone in Port Vila to help raise funds for new school facilities in a fundraising this coming Friday at Sea Front

Teouma Greenhill Primary School just outside Port Vila is facing difficulty to find space in schools in town to enroll its students, after they complete Grade Six (6).

There is no space for us, said Teouma Greenhill Primary School Principal Satu Sanga.

In Vanuatu, students automatically go to Year 7 when they complete Grade Six.

For Teouma Greenhill Primary School, there is no other school nearby for its students to continue their education in junior high schools, unlike in town where schools have alternative feeder schools.

Apart from space, the students from the area are also suffering from the poor road conditions.

“Student will not turn up to classes even if the rain isn’t big enough to disturb classes. The road there is one of the worst”, said Principal Sanga.

Principal Sanga and the School Council approached the Daily Post to tell the government of their problems and are asking public support in efforts to create better learning opportunities for students in this remote area.

The school plans to extend to Year 7 next year to provide space to children from the area not to miss out on education.

However, it does not have enough money to create new facilities as a classroom and dormitory.

Therefore, it is organizing a fundraising at Sea Front Stage in town on Friday this week to raise funds.

Teouma Greenhill Primary school is kindly asking the support of the members of the general public in Port Vila to support in raising funds to meet its expansion needs.

The government assisted school was established in 2008.

It employs three government assisted teachers, three temporary teachers and has more than 100 pupils.

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