Technical Coach Director Gimanama Crowdy (second from right – back row) groups with the Netball pre squad athletes after the theory educational awareness, at VASANOC Haus, Day 1

Vanuatu Netball pre-squad athletes are undergoing intensive netball training with their Technical Coach/Director this week.

Team Vanuatu Netball Technical Director Gimanama Crowdy arrived in the country to conduct the week–long training.

Daily Sports is aware that Technical Director Gimanama sessions with the local athletes will start with theory educational and awareness of Nutrition, Drugs and Alcohol, High Performance and on Criteria Selection.

“It is important for the athletes to get an opportunity to understand on the broader principles of a diet of an athlete.

“Drugs and Alcohol and their effects, how drugs are classified, legal drugs, illegal drugs and the Central Nervous System, including alcohol – a performance impairing drug, and helpful strategies to manage drinking and playing netball”, stated Technical Director Gimanama.

With “High Performance” involved topics on Commitment, Dedication. Discipline, Attitude, and how a Role Model a Netter can be.

The Technical Coach will be coaching more skill sessions on day 2 and the rest of the week. These will include basic netball skills and incorporating them with advance skills and setting up different scenarios.

Team Vanuatu Netball Head Coach Vanessa Laloyer said that with the Games fast approaching and our Technical Coach Director is here in Vila from Australia she will work closer with the squad athletes in this training camp.

“She will be conducting sport safety, fitness and court systems. It will be good to see as well how well and skilled squad players have been so far and how to analyze those current skills better including performance planning,” remarked Vanuatu Netball Coach Laloyer.

In the meantime the final selection deadline to qualify into Team Vanuatu Senior Netball Squad is October 20, 2017.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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