Teachers in Port Vila were given the good news by the Minister of Education and Training (MOET), Jean Pierre Nirua, during World Teachers Day yesterday that their new salary structure will be effective before 2018.

His assurance came after the Vanuatu Teacher’s Union (VTU) issued 14 days notice to the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) to come clear on when exactly before 2018 the salary will be rolled out for teachers.

VTU announced it will conduct a serious industrial action if TSC fails to comply within the notice time frame, which ends on Tuesday next week.

Representing 1,100 teachers across Vanuatu, VTU felt teachers should be placed on front line with the new government salary structure.

VTU stressed: “TSC tends to make false promises, turning a blind eye on teachers who develop human resources for the country”.

Addressing a large crowd of teachers at the Convention Centre yesterday, the minister of education said: “The MOET is well aware of your grievances and will ensure that the new salary scale be approved by the Government Remuneration Tribunal (GRT) end of this year.

“Once the structure is approved, all teachers across the country must perform professionally on the expectation of the GRT.

The Director of Education Services, Roy Obed, told VTU not to attack the government over salary scale.

“We (the MOET, TSC, and VTU) are a team working for a common destiny of ensuring teacher’s aspirations and concerns are properly addressed,” he said. He then called onto VTU to collaborate with the government.

World Teachers Day for the first time this year in Vanuatu was organized by the MOET and TSC whereas in the past years it had been only VTU.

After declaring World Teachers Day an annual event in Vanuatu, Minister Nirua presented a gift to the President of VTU, Willie Abiut, to thank VTU for its contribution in the past years.

Minister Nirua, representing the government, Chairman of TSC Derek Alexander and President Abiut cut a cake to mark World Teachers Day at the same time a new beginning of friendship.

‘Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers’, was the theme of yesterday’s World Teachers Day.

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