Teachers fund own course in response to GRT

Teachers fund own course in response to GRT

Twenty teachers have attended ED493, Advanced Studies in Educational Policy summer course from January 3 and will be sitting their final exams on Friday this week.

The last cohort of teachers have funded their own study and are all planning to graduate with Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at the end of the year.

"Teachers need to know what is happening around them.

"This is an educational policy course that can assist teachers draw up school policies to assist administration of the schools," Mr Lency Bani said.

"All for the good of the children of Vanuatu today and in the future to come."

Mr Bani who was part of the group revealed on behalf of the group that since GRT has been implemented, teachers need to tidy up as well and improve.

"Since the implementation of GRT, many teachers wanted to or see the need to improve their qualification," he said.

Mr Bani said that the last cohort of teacher scholars included teachers from Central School, Vanuatu Institute of Teachers Education, Vanuatu Institute of Technology, Malapoa College, Ranwadi College, Aore Academy and Shefa Education Office.

"There are four courses altogether and AL400 is a must and is based on Research Methodology- our lecturer for the ED493 was Professor Govinda Lingam, Head of School of Education at USP, Suva," he said.

"This group of teachers is also planning on taking ED491 in the winter break and the number of interested students (teachers) is now 19 but there is space available for more to join, if there are more teachers, USP is willing to send a lecturer over the winter season in July ."

Mr Bani concluded that these teachers, at their own initiative took up the course and if the Ministry of Education can assist in the future, it would be a great boost for the teachers in the country.

"Currently, USP-MOET are only funding Untrained Teachers Program (UTP) under the Graduate Certificate in Education (GCE)."

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