Sam Blondell promoting Topwan toilet paper

By Len Garae

Nobody wants to talk about toilet but to avoid becoming sick, toilet has to be addressed.

That is why Non-Government Organisation Live and Learn has chosen toilet as its challenge to address by training young people to build the most suitable toilets as a business for use in the communities on the outskirts of Port Vila.

WASH Business Development Officer Live and Learn Vanuatu, Sam Blondell says it is the responsibility of the NGO through financial assistance from AusAId, to facilitate training of Community Based Sanitation Enterprise or CBSE.

The funding helps to train young people in different areas including business skills, leadership skills and construction skills to allow them to manage the businesses and in this case, how to build and manage a toilet.

Blondell says construction, operation and maintenance are three different areas of training.

He explains that sanitation coincides with the policy of the Government to reduce poverty. “We in Live and Learn believe that we can reduce poverty through improving toilet by moving from traditional toilet to using improved toilet,” he explains.

“The more we use improved toilet we also improve our living standard and our children won’t become sick. When they become healthy their future becomes bright and that is why we target sanitation as our priority”.

But he says a toilet without toilet paper is not complete which is why Live and Learn and the two communities at Black Sand and Erakor Half Road have registered a new brand of toilet paper called Topwan, which uses healthy “virgin paper” in the toilet to promote good health.

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