Tanna fuel shortage

Trucks queueing at the fuel terminal after MV Vanuatu Cargo brought in fuel supply to Tanna yesterday.

Photo: Jimmy Kawiel

Vehicle owners on Tanna are breathing a sigh of relief after MV Vanuatu Cargo brought fuel to the island on Monday this week.

The island faced fuel shortage after all terminals operated by Pacific Energy on Tanna ran out of fuel.

General Manager (GM) of Pacific Energy in Vanuatu, Nicolas Leflon, told Daily Post yesterday that two main reasons were behind the shortage.

Mr Leflon said the first reason is the economic boom on the island, which means a high volume of fuel is used resulting in the shortage.

The second reason is the delay in ship arrivals on the island due to the bad weather affecting the country.

The fuel terminals on Tanna get their supply from Port Vila and when there is bad weather it prevents Pacific Energy from sending fuel to Tanna.

Leflon said the company is looking at increasing the volume of fuel shipped to Tanna.

“We are currently working with Airports Vanuatu Limited to set up another terminal near the airport,” the Pacific Energy Vanuatu GM said.

He said the reason for looking at setting up a new terminal near the airport is to also stock jet fuel for aircrafts.

“We are looking at tripling our storage facility on Tanna.

“This is so that we have stock to cover for such situations,” Leflon said.

So far MV Vanuatu Cargo has reached Tanna will fuel stock and MV Touaraken is soon to depart with more fuel for the island.

Yesterday vehicles were lining up at fuel terminals to be refilled.

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