Tanna Chief pleads for assistance to sort issue over land

Chief Kwanuasori

Chief Kwanuasori from Tanna is pleading for help in removing a group of people living in the land he has received through custom from the proprietor — Late Paramount Chief Masai Kalokai of Mele.

In 2006, Chief Kwanuasori negotiated a piece of land at Prima, called the Taonono Land, the agreement was with the landowner Late Chief Kalokai.

End of 2008, a custom ceremony was held between families from Mele and Tanna over the settled land.

During the ceremony, Chief Kwanuasori presented the Late Chief Kalokai and his family 4 pigs, a cow’s butchered legs and mats. It was a joyous celebration, with food, kava and entertainment.

Eight months went by, a few Tannese people started crowding into the occupied village of Chief Kwanuasori.

“From 2009-2019, I received false accusations from these people, the same people whom I considered as family since we come from the same island,” Chief Kwanuasori says.

“They spread lies to the Mele Paramount Chief, misleading him,” he alleged.

The Tannese Chief alleged that on March 31 2019, Chief Zacky Poilapa, son of Late Chief Kalokai approached the him to discuss the issue at hand.

“I am appealing to other Councils of Chiefs, to the Shefa Provincial Council, to the Rural Police Commander and to the Government to help me resolve this issue.”

Daily Post could not reach any member of the Mele community before going to print on this issue as the Tanna chief came to the newspaper office by himself.

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