Tanna By-election rolling

Since 6th August 2018, (5 days ago) hopeful candidates, and political parties, are already collecting candidature forms, from the Electoral Office in Port Vila and at the Tafea Provincial Government Office in Tanna, to apply and to contest the one parliamentary vacant seat in the Tanna Constituency by-election on Tuesday 25th September, 2018.

Candidature application date is 6th August, 2018. This is also for the proxy votes and duplicates. Registration within the Tanna Constituency will close at 5.00 pm on August 14th. The closing date for the application of the candidature Forms is at 5.00 pm on 17th August, 2018.

The declaration, publication and announcement of qualified candidates is Tuesday September 4. Political campaign kicks off on the same date which is 4th September, 2018 and closes on Sunday September 23rd at 12.00 midnight, two days before polling on Tuesday 25th September, 2018.

The closing time for proxy and duplicate is 5.00 pm Tuesday 11th September, 2018.

Electors in the Tanna constituency then go to poll on 25th September, 2018 to choose a candidate with the highest poll to occupy the one vacant seat in the Vanuatu Parliament.

These arrangements were put into place by the Electoral Commission after the Court of Appeal dismissed Joe Natuman’s appeal case. As a result of the court judgement, the Electoral Commission, after consultation with the Minister for Internal Affairs responsible for Electoral Matters and the Prime Minister, made the decisions for the by-election.

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