Taking Gospel Choirs to a whole new level

Monument Singers singing at the National Convention Centre on Easter Monday. Photo: Rodney Philemon.

Fern Napwatt

It was a first time for a musical concert to feature a contemporary gospel choir that gave an excited audience a blissful end to their Easter Holiday on Monday evening, at the National Convention Centre.

The famous Monument Singers have again staged an outstanding performance with a powerful choir who sang beautifully and so powerful to emphasize the theme of ‘Celebrating with Happiness’.

A two-hour show, the concert featured soloists singing about Jesus being alive again in different music genres including reggae and the reason why people should only lean and depend on him alone as well as fundraising for three projects that are the sole purpose of the show.

Mr Edward Samuel, one of the hardworking coordinators of the concert said that these projects included two church projects and a school project.

“These church projects are, completion of a Presbyterian church in Pele Village on the island of Tongoa, a Seventh Day Adventist church in West Ambae and lastly, the funds raised will go towards Sise Adventist Primary school on Paama,” he said.

“This show was a success and the audience turnout was greatly appreciated by the choir and the sponsors who have made it possible for us to staged the show and bless everyone who have participated.”

There were special invitees during the show and they were inmates from the Low Risk at the Correctional Centre and three disabled people from Vanuatu Society for People with Disability and were given each a gift to show the Choir’s appreciation and to show that they were still part of God’s family no matter their flaws and physical limitations.

“So many times we ignore these special people, we isolate them and make them feel unwanted by the society but we showed them during the show that Jesus is alive and still cares for them no matter what and we wanted to just bless them through the messages of the songs during the show,” Mr Jovinmal said during the presentation of the gifts.

Monument Singers have been involved in the music industry for the past 24 years and are still going strong with a mission to raise funds and help build churches throughout the country no matter the denomination and have continued to bless lives through their singing and songs.

A youth by the name Wilson Tom who attended the show described the concert as a ‘never seen or heard before’ and described the songs sang by the choir as sharp knife that has made a deep cut through his heart.

“I was crying all the time, i was so blessed and i am so glad i made the decision to buy that ticket and be here tonight (Monday night) and i am so blessed to have also made a contribution towards a completion of a church to house God’s people during their worship because that is what our country is founded on thus ‘Long God Yumi Stanap’,” he said.

The show also made a special feature of a longtime member of the Monument Singers who sang alongside his two beautiful daughters who happened to be also in the choir that night in a moment of legacy and pride that passion of singing was instilled in his children.

Monument Singers fans are encouraged to like their Facebook page and be a follower of the group and be able to get updates on future projects and concerts so they don’t get to miss out on their inspirational shows.

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