Student Rapist Gets Six Years

A man has been sentenced to six years imprisonment after he raped a female student in front of her brothers and friends.

Justice Oliver Saksak said the final sentence of six years, nine months and 22 days final sentence handed to the man who could not be named will assist him to rehabilitate for reintegration back into the community.

“Your going to prison today is done in the hope that you will make good use of this opportunity to rehabilitate by going through the rehabilitation programs offered in the Correctional Centre so you can get back into community a changed person,” he said.

“But you must have a positive attitude to your punishment in order to achieve a positive change and outcome at the end your detention.

The man who is now 21 years-of-age, was found guilty of one count of rape on September 24, 2017 early in the morning after he went to a house where some students were residing in on Santo, broke the door and chased them, including the victim’s brothers.

The judge said the victim, a student of 18 years old was a year younger than the perpetrator.

He said the man was violent and used threats.

Justice Saksak said the man overpowered the victim through threats and intimidation causing fear of bodily harm to make her succumb to his sexual desires and gratifications by holding her captive in a banana patch and raping her.

He said the offender was very loud at the time, playing music because he was drunk and also caused disturbance at 4am when people were still sleeping.

The judge said his actions had caused distress and humiliation on the victim before her brothers and sisters, and later the obvious distress indicated the mental effect on the victim.

He then sentenced the defendant to nine years imprisonment

The judge said the punishment will serve to mark the seriousness of the offending, mark the Court’s disapproval and condemnation of his actions and to serve as deterrence for his and other like-minded men.

He said the lengthy term will also serve to protect the young, the weak and the vulnerable members of our society, also as an adequate punishment, and finally to assist the offender rehabilitate for reintegration back into the community.

Justice Saksak said the man is a second time offender and that he had served a sentence of supervision from February to September 2017 but the report did not specify what offence he was convicted for.

“I therefore treat you as a first-time offender for sexual intercourse without consent,” he said.

“You cooperated well with the police during investigations. You performed a customary reconciliation with the victim’s parents showing remorse. You were remanded in custody from September 25, to December 7, 2017, a period of 2 months eight days.

“This will be deducted separately. And I note you are a young man of 21 years old.

“I note also that you have struggled and faced challenges in life within your own family and with peers and with alcohol, smoke and the like and also from your report that you are ready to move on and overcome those struggles and challenges”.

Two years were deducted for the mitigating factors leaving seven years.

He made further two months and eight days allowance, leaving the balance at six years nine months and 22 days as the end sentence and ordered the sentence be served with immediate effect.

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