Student Journalist launches first poetry book with bigger dreams ahead

Mrs Jimmy holding one of the copies of her new book at the Laucala Campus Library.

Vanuatu’s aspiring student Journalist Telstar Jimmy launched her first poetry book last week in Suva and vows bigger plans ahead to give more for the poetry industry in Vanuatu.

Although it took her long years to achieve the dream of her passion, Mrs Jimmy was proud that everyone around her is enjoying the milestone at the moment.

“I feel relieved that I was finally able to publish, and overjoyed that I can now be able to share my poems with others, not just in Vanuatu but in the Pacific, because friends from Solomon Islands, Fiji and Nauru have already started buying the book and giving me a lot of positive feedback on it”.

Mrs. Jimmy’s plan now is to find other poets in Vanuatu and promote their work in a collection of anthology that can give them recognition.

“I know many have the potential but they lacked the opportunity to shine and share their stories”, she said.

While on the verge of completing her Bachelor Degree Majoring in Journalism and Language Literature at the end of this year, the launch of her book marks a double highlight on her academic journey.

The title of the book is ‘Journey of Truth’ with 4 Chapters, and 76 pages altogether. The poems written in the book covers global issues, oceanic views of the Pacific, family values and love scenarios.

She said the title of the book reflects the many stories inside the book which depicts real life events and journeys of life.

When asked on who inspired her to go into poetry and why she decided to write a book, Mrs. Jimmy responded with ease saying, “Grace Molisa was my big inspiration and she was the one that insisted me to publish a book but then she passed away so soon”.

She said one of the main reasons to publish the book is to create a resource for Vanuatu generations with a taste of Oceania and Pacific context.

As a mother of three beautiful children and a caretaker to many young Vanuatu students at Laucala during her three years of study, Mrs Jimmy describes the poems as a voice for all the speechless women, especially in a male dominated country like Vanuatu.

She said having this book means a lot for her even if she’s not around but her legacy will continue to live on.

Many Journalism students at USP took to social media to congratulate the Vanuatu Journalist for her talents in poetry and the launch of the book.

The long journey to having her first book published was not an easy one but challenging especially in terms of finance.

“Writing was fun and easy but publishing was quiet hard”.

She thanked her family for funding her on getting the book printed in Fiji.

Mrs. Jimmy’s message to everyone is to never give up in life even if it takes them many years to achieve their dream. She said if they really believe in it that dream will come true one day.

“Don’t neglect the potential that you have”.

She thanked her families especially her parents, siblings, kids and husband for the continuous support and for always believing in her.

“Not forgetting Tony Alvero and Jerome Robert for the Artistic designs, my English teachers at Malapoa and Literature lecturers at USP, colleagues and friends and most importantly the almighty God for the wisdom and blessings,” she concluded.

She will be taking home to Vanuatu many copies of the book to sell.

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