Mp Silas Bule

MP Silas Bule, with English Primary School students under classroom building with no roof.

By Godwin Ligo

After 38 years of independence, some primary schools on Pentecost are still struggling for quality education.

These schools do not have access to information on daily events in the nation, in the region and in the world at large nor good communication systems, better school libraries, or up to date education materials, newly appointed Parliamentary Secretary (PS) for Education, MP Silas Bule told Daily Post.

MP Bule, has brought to light some disturbing factors about Primary School children in Pentecost who do not access quality education those in Port Vila, Luganville Santo and or other centers are privilege to have.

“The remoteness and lack of accessibility of information and communication systems in areas such as Aligu in East Pentecost and Bay Barrier and St.Henri make it impossible for the students in Primary Schools to have equal quality education as the students in Port Vila, Efate, Luganville Santo and other centers and areas in Vanuatu,” said MP Bule.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Education is determined to do something about this.

“My position is to visit these schools, find out more about overall general situations they face then address these through the national government normal channels with the view of updating these schools to the quality standard they deserve, like every other schools throughout the country,” says MP Bule.

“These schools are not in comfortable zones.

“These situations go years back. While other schools are more privileged and live in comfortable educational zones, the unfortunate ones still lack accessibility to better information access, communication systems and such as better and modern school materials barred by remoteness where they are.”

He said the distances of these schools to closest modern facilities such as road, wharf, airfield infrastructures and education and other government centers make it more difficult for the schools to receive quality education they rightly deserve and should receive.

MP Bule, in his capacity as PS for Education, strongly believes that every student in all schools in Vanuatu, must built their life on Christian values. He said the students should and must have access to the Word of God.

In this regard, he thanked the Gideon Bible Ministry International in Vanuatu for the distribution of King James Version Bibles to schools in Vanuatu over the past years and urged members of the Gideon Bible Ministry to continue distributing the Bibles to schools throughout the country.

He added that quality education is not completed without Christian principles and Vanuatu’s motto “In God We Stand” makes it clear that every children and students in all schools of Vanuatu must embrace these Christian principles at heart so as to make them respectable citizens of the country now and in future.

In his closing remarks to the Daily Post, MP Bule, once again reiterated the need to promote quality education in such remote schools in Pentecost and elsewhere in Vanuatu via closing the remoteness gap, introducing better communication and infrastructure systems to these schools as well as facilitate them with better quality education facilities such as modern libraries, education materials needed for quality education.


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Ahmed Khan

This is very bad news for all educational organizations and the government that is not work in the educational platform and do not provide the quality education. Please take the big step for the education and give the good educational resources. I hope management think about the students future and education. Well, I am a professional essay writer and I work for the students on their all academic problems.

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