‘Stop Violence’ parade today

Members of the public giving their support by signing the petition this week.

The ‘Stop Violence against Women’ parade will happen today 8am starting at TVL Building and will end at the Parliament Complex in Port Vila.

The national petition and protest march will bring together women from all walks of life, microfinance business women, small business women, women in NGOs, women in the formal employment sector, church women and women in the informal employment sector who will present their petition to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Alfred Maoh and Minister of Justice and Social Welfare, Ronald Warsal, at the Parliamentary Complex.

A Committee for Stop Violence against Women organized by the Deputy Lord Mayor, Leimara Malachai and Jenny Viregagaru Ligo, President of the Women Against Crime and Corruption, met at the Port Vila Municipality Board Room on March 14 to discuss their grave concerns relating to the escalating news of domestic and physical violence against women and the killing of innocent people at the dark corner of Tebakor road leading to Seven Star.

Members who attended this important meeting decided to show their solidarity with Florence Leingkone by organizing a national petition and a peaceful and silent protest today.

The Stop Violence against Women Organizing Committee is gravely concerned with the constant news of domestic and physical violence against women in Vanuatu. Regardless of the passing of the Family Protection Act 28 of 2008, the brutal killing of innocent victims and the battering of women, spouses and girls in Vanuatu’s society still takes place.

Even though Vanuatu has acceded to the United Nations’ Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (UNCEDAW) in 1995, Vanuatu continues to discover serious cases of domestic and physical violence in Vanuatu.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the national petition and the national march organized.

“We must lift our voices and ask that men listen to our petition and stop violence in Vanuatu. We women have human rights also. We are also born as human beings and we plead that you give us due honour and respect when dealing with us.

“We call on the Vanuatu Government to deal with the perpetrators of Florence Leingkone. We also ask the Vanuatu Government to investigate the killings at the Tebakor/Seven Star Dark Corner,” a statement read.

Women are requested to wear their political t-shirts depicting their members of parliament which they wore during their campaigns. Those who do not have a Vanuatu Women Centre’s Stop Violence tee-shirt are requested to wear an orange or black tee-shirt or dress today.

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