The ongoing traffic jam at various junctions in and around Port Vila, continue to be a major concern to drivers, passengers and the general public in Port Vila and Efate.

There have been numerous reports in local media over the past years but there appears to be no sign in sight from all authorities concern as to the short and long-term solutions.

Some drivers have called the Daily Post to state that, if the Government through the Public Service has voiced concern over civil servants’ lateness to work, then are contributor is the daily traffic jam between Monday to Friday when the traffic hold-ups at Ecole Colardeau, George Pompidou junction, Lycee Soccabore junction and Malapoa junction, are becoming intolerable by vehicle owners and drivers of public and private vehicles alike.

The similar traffic hold-up situation is also experienced in other junctions throughout Port Vila such as the main Lini Highway along the main Market House in Port Vila, the Ecole Colardeau junction, the Tebako-Malapoa College junction and the Central School main street.

Some drivers say while they understand the caution to slow down at schools zone for drop off of the students in the morning, other passengers too want to get to work on time.

“If the local authorities do not do something quickly, such as short and long term physical planning, especially as regard to traffic control and traffic flow now, what is it going to be like in the next five years, because we have new vehicles coming on the roads every week and the slow movement is just unbearable,” one driver told the Daily Post yesterday morning.

He even went further to suggests that it may be helpful if the Port Vila Municipal Council would allocate its Traffic Wardens to control the movement of vehicles

and allow better and faster traffic flow between 7am to 8.30am each day at the busy junctions.

In this way he said, Port Vila would overcome and provide temporary short term solution to traffic flow every morning.

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