Sports Acting DG demands permanent DG Trades position

Potential candidates of the position of Director Generals continue to wait on the Public Service Commission (PSC) for their permanent appointments.

In May this year, eight of the applicants gave an ultimatum to PSC to speed up the appointment process or face legal actions.

Daily Post is reliably informed that among the candidates is the Acting Director General of the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports.

Daily Post has access to the letter of submission for the Acting DG to the Ministry of Youth development and Sports, Ben Tofor demanding the PSC to appoint him to the position of Director General to the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Commerce and Ni-Vanuatu Business on a permanent basis.

According to his four-paged letter of submission to his request, Tofor noted that he was one of the successful candidates during the two recruitment and selection rounds held in 2017. He further added that he learned that his name was endorsed by PSC to become the next DG to Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Commerce and Ni-Vanuatu Business. He outlined his plans to improve the current economic status of the country should his appointment is successful and further explained consequences of not appointing him to that position.

“Failure to have me appointed at the Ministry would see a diaspora in critical Human Resources, whose moral has been greatly affected by the delay in appointing a permanent figure at the Ministry’s top position.

“Moreover series of partners have shown signs of reluctance to pursue continued assistance to the Ministry due to lack of leadership in specific programme implementation notably within the Vanuatu Strategy Tourism Action Plan framework, whereas Vt3 Billion are expected to be injected in the sector towards its development. This could be potentially lost.”

Meanwhile, the Public Service Act [CAP 246] has been recently amended and gazetted. The Act now provides the provisions to PSC to appoint, discipline and terminate DGs, previously, it came under the Prime Minister’s Office.

Daily Post could not reach PSC Chairman to comment on this issue.

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