The Vanuatu Government through the support of the Pacific Community (SPC) provided a National Flag State Inspectors Training for Vanuatu ship inspectors this week.

These inspectors are from the Office of the Maritime Regulator (OMR) and staff from the Department of the Ports and Marine (DPM), who are responsible for ship surveys and inspection, ship plan reviews and internal quality management system, documentation and accidents investigations.

According to Kembro Manderson, Head of OMR Technical, he said that this training is part of the capacity building that the Government through the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities requested SPC to provide to OMR and DPM Officers.

In opening the training, the First Political Advisor in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (MIPU) who represented the Minister, Mr. Jean-Claude Emelee highlighted the importance of this training and the need to train Vanuatu Flag State Inspectors since they played a vital role in the maritime safety.

Mr. Emelee further stressed the importance of vessel safety given that life of passengers are of utmost important, since majority of our population uses maritime transportation the most. Not only that, our economy and trade relies on shipping as well. Thus, maritime safety is critical. To conclude his speech, Mr. Emelee thank SPC for providing this training to Vanuatu and the continuous support SPC had towards the Vanuatu maritime sector.

During the training, attendees learned the legal framework of Vanuatu relating to shipping and safety, international law on maritime safety, survey report drafting, the process and procedure of survey, investigations, management of vessels, best practices, skills and techniques on how to conduct surveys and inspection on vessel. The training also includes a 2 days of practical training, which was conducted in two of our domestic vessels. OMR thank Touraken Shipping and DPM to allow their vessel to be part of the training.

The SPC Ship Safety Audit Advisor and trainer, Mr. Omirete Tabureka says that Vanuatu is the third country to receive such training from SPC.

Last year SPC provided a similar training in collaboration with the Governments of PNG and Samoa, and this year is Vanuatu’s turn.

After Vanuatu, SPC will conduct similar training for Solomon Islands and Tonga. Mr. Tabureka, on behalf of SPC also thank the Minister and Director General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities for supporting OMR and Department of Ports to ensure their technical officers are well trained to make sure they perform their work effectively.

Finally, Mr. Tabureka acknowledged MIPU for hosting the 1-week training successfully ended on Friday 8th February 2019.

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