The people of South Epi now have vehicles accessing their villages after a leader of the community initiated a road access through man-power.

Chief John Supo has acknowledged the support of Shefa PWD (Public Works) for supporting the work with tools used by community members to clear new roads at that side of the island.

“We have completed the road as of beginning of this month, from Port Quimie all the way to Vilekara and Rana-a distance of approximately 15 kilometres,” he said.

“Now we have vehicles using the new road for transportation and we also want to acknowledge the Vanuatu Progressive Development Party and its President, Robert Bohn, for the ongoing support since the work begun in 2015 and the reconstruction when the road was destroyed by TC Pam.”

Chief Supo said that part of the island was left forgotten in terms of infrastructure.

With the area in dire need of access for vehicles, he gathered community members from each village to clear the land for the road using shovels and bush knives.

“We have now done our job, giving the people of South Epi the access to a road, now it is up to the government and leaders to do upgrades on the new road or what plans it has in store for this new road to improve the lives of our people of South Epi,” he said.

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