Sounds of Fenuariki second album dedicated to Ambae Victims

FSB Cover photo.

Sounds of Fenuariki String Band (FSB) is launching its Volume 2 CD today December 7 (Friday).

The leader of the string band originated from the island of Emae, Harrison Willie, said that the second volume of the band is dedicated to the Ambae victims of Mt Lombenben.

"The CD has 14 tracks, all are new songs and composed by band members and is dedicated to our family of Ambae that have become victims of the Lombenben volcano and will be spending this first Christmas away from home," he said.

"The launching will take place at Freswota Park at 3pm, there will be food and Kava on sale and a donation box towards the families of Ambae which we will handover to the chief representative to help the victims."

Willie stated that the FSB was established in 2012 and has appeared in many string band competitions including the Fest Nalenga show which has attracted more fans for the band of 17 members that are mostly youth, from the village of Sangavah on Emae.

"The band was set up on the idea to include our youth and give them a chance to use their talents and avoid involvement in crime and drugs so every evenings we gather for practice sessions and it has helped them a lot," he said.

"The support we received from the fans has lift our moral to produce our second album and with all the crisis affecting our families from Ambae, we've dedicated this album in CD along with a four-song DVD."

"The CD is selling at Vt2,000, DVD also at Vt2,000 and for package (CD and DVD) it's Vt3,000."

On behalf of the FSB, Mr Willie would like to acknowledged the following sponsors: Minister Ralph Regenvanu, MP Jacob Mata, Lord Mayor Albert Mambo, MP Kalo Seule, councillor Willie Satearoto, Mr Babtiste Firiam, Mr Philip Meto, Mr Jody Sakai, Mr Simeon Charlie, Uratah Shipping and other sponsors.

"Special thank you to families at Seaside Laken, Ekipe and Epau village, mamas of Sangava village at Anamburu, families from North Ambae at Teouma, Mr Sam Obed Mbangama Production," he said.

"Tai Pax, Ezekiel, DJ Toton, Stanley Wai, Maungatoru LSB, Kalotiti Masasin in Australia, Mr Darren Wu, Master Sounds Studio and our immediate families for the support."

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