Solar Water Pump a milestone for Moamoa community

Mr. Shadrack donating the solar water pump system to Maumau community

Water is one of nature’s most important gifts to mankind and essential to good health.

For Pierre and his wife Rachel, parents of two children aged 10 and 5 years old the best gift for them to celebrate Christmas is a solar water pump for their community.

The family lives in a remote area on Efate called Maumau community and it is about 20 minutes drive from Port Vila to Teouma bush close to Rentapau area.

Fetching water by walking kilometres has been the primary source of Water in the couple’s community.

On rainy days, the river is often covered with mud which creates challenges for the couple.

”My wife and I have to walk two to three kilometres everyday to fetch water at the Rentapao river and it is very difficult for us,” said Pierre.

Things started to change for this community when a young entrepreneur, Donald Shadrack donated an equipment of Solar Water Pump for this community.

”My community will set up a committee and to work to locate a location within the village so we can install the equipment so every households can have access to clean water,” Pierre added.

Mr. Donald Shadrack confirmed to Daily Post that he will help this community to install the pump and later construct a small water supply for this community.

”I am waiting for the community to designate a place and we will further install the pump to generate water to a big water tank to supply water to every households. And water is essential to life and a person’s survival depends on drinking clean water,” Mr Shadrack said.

The community of Maumau had to walk and fetch water since 1994 and it has been 24 years and they’re still doing it.

Pierre and his wife are so happy for that donation and said his community will join hand together to complete this water project for their children’s future.

Donald Shadrack helps many different communities in the peri-urban, urban and rural areas and intends to contest the national election in 2020.

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