Solar panels for another 64 households on Pentecost

These solar panels came with a free rechargeable radio and touch

The Government of Australia, through its Direct Aid Program (DAP), will be supplying solar panels for 64 households at Hurilau and Lolksasae Districts in north and central Pentecost.

Each solar panel package comes with a free rechargeable radio and touch.

This would be the second time for communities in north and central Pentecost to receive these solar panels.

The first 64 solar panels were distributed in 2017 to 64 communities in the same area, particularly Levodo, Tanbok, Tariley, Vankasi and Tanbok Community Aid Post.

This was made possible through a promotion of solar products by Etech and PCLS, in collaboration with World Bank and the Vanuatu Rural Electrification Program (VREP) under the Ministry of Climate Change (MOCC).

The Australian Government is assisting by meeting the subsidized cost of the solar panels at around Vt1.4milion.

The request for these communities to acess solar power lighting was made known to the Australian High Commission by their Member of Parliament (MP), Ham Lini, who is the Minister of Climate Change responsible for energy and the project committee established under the ministry.

Coordinator of the Project Committee, Thomas Rau, said so far they have managed to secure 128 solar panels for communities in central and north Pentecost and as well as on Tanna.

64 solar panels were also distributed to Iatiky community on Tanna last year after Pentecost.

The project committee understands that a lot of rural communities are still in dire need for solar panels. It plans to secure more solar panels for communities on Merelava and Tongoa.

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