Who says snakes don’t enjoy the breeze?

By Len Garae

Imagine a sleepy visitor to Piliura Village lying on his back on a mat and about to doze off when he stares lazily directly above him only to be shocked at a colourful snake which is also enjoying the breeze filtering through the branches of the giant nabangura tree.

Snakes on snake infested islands are well known for waiting on ripen fruit laden trees including banana and cocoa trees to catch hungry prey that come to feed on the fruits.

But it is not clear why a yellow snake should rest on a branch of a nabangura tree above a deserted beach at Piliura Village on Pele with no fruits on the tree.

“I have heard old people say snakes come into the open after a cyclone to fill their lungs on what’s left of the cyclone but I’m not sure if this is true,” the man says getting up and rolling his mat, no longer sleepy especially with a snake above him.

Efate has grass snakes while Pele Island has snakes that live on trees.

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