SMART Sistas flying Vanuatu flag at FIRST Global Challenge

Team Vanuatu with their supporters, former Peace Corp volunteers, display the Vanuatu flag in front of the Washington Monument.

By Jonas Cullwick

It was an awesome first day of FIRST Global Competition 2017 at Washington, DC, USA, on Monday and Team Vanuatu comprised of three SMART Sistas girls are looking forward to tomorrow.

In three rounds of Games on Monday, the girls did great, even though they did not win a Game, reports their mentor Rodney Philemon.

“They had some nervousness in their first game.

“Their second game, they got a hand on things but did not score a point.

“Their final game today was awesome – they worked really well with Team Italy and Moldova but the opposing Team won by three points because our Robot could not hang on the rail,” he writes in an email to the Daily Post.

Round 1 Game 21: Team HYDRO: USA, Mongolia, South Africa vs Team AQUA: Togo, Liberia, Vanuatu. Draw Game, both alliances get 5 points each.

Round 3 Game 20: HYDRO Alliance- Vanuatu, Italy and Moldova vs AQUA Alliance — Laos, St. Lucia & Turkey. AQUA Alliance won by 3 points.

“We have stayed behind to work on the hanger with help from Team Albania, Italy and USA and plan to program it early tomorrow morning.”

The girls took a break after 3rd match on Monday and walked to the White House.

“They will try their best to get some points on the Score board tomorrow.

“Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,” writes Philemon.

Tomorrow is the last day, and they will have four matches. The first Game will be an All Girls game at 8:15am between, Team Afghanistan, Team Bermuda, Team Brunei, Team USA, Team Ghana and Team Vanuatu. Then Round 4, 5 then 6, will be followed by the closing ceremony.

Wednesday will be a free day to do sight seeing around Washington, DC, before flying back home.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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